Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beneath the Surface

From the roots that anchor a majestic tree, to a song by Kings of Leon, "Beneath the Surface" has many connotations. We look into dark water and wonder what lies beneath. We long to understand the meaning of a cryptic statement. What comes to mind when you ponder what is "Beneath the Surface?"

This is our theme for 2010 and the exhibit will debut at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA - July 24-27th. Beneath the Surface is a juried invitational. An announcement of the artists whose work will be in the exhibit will be posted in late March. We are happy to report that our exhibit will be sponsored by Moore's Sewing Centers and Brother International.

Moore's Sewing Center is a 3rd generation family owned business that has been serving Southern California for 55 years. They have five (5) locations in Mission Viejo, Riverside, orange, Apple Valley and Huntington Beach. They sell sewing machines, vacuum cleaners and energy efficient fans. They offer classes, sewing machine repair, thread, notions, etc.

Brother International/Home Sewing offers a full line of sewing and embroidery machines, including the special edition "Project Runway" machine.
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