Nine Years

Edges - 2009
The sharp cutting part of a blade, sharpness, keenness, the projecting ledge of a cliff, the part farthest from the middle border, margin.

Beneath the Surface - 2010
From the roots that anchor a majestic tree, to a song by Kings of Leon, Beneath the Surface has many connotations. We look at the dark water and wonder what lies beneath. We long to understand the meaning of a cryptic statement. What comes to mind when you ponder what lies beneath?

The Space Between - 2011
A pause as we reach for the telephone. The moments between the lines. Negative space in a painting. Uncertainty. Finding your voice. From one place to the other. Birds on a wire, and the distance between friends. The Space Between thought and action. Thin cracks separating this from that. Lines on a highway. A reading between the lines.

Rituals - 2012
An exchange between friends. A handshake. A kiss before bedtime. The artist at work. A sun salutation. The wave before boarding the school bus. A song, a word, a meditation, a habit, a custom. The traditional toast at a gathering. A rite of passage. The sacred moments of the ordinary. Rituals - what are yours?

An Exquisite Moment - 2013
Consider the following: the unfurling of a flower. A hummingbird in flight. A magical moment shared with a lover or a friend. A birth of a child. A personal milestone. The realization of a dream. A treasured memory. The sacred moments that make us who we are.

Reflections - 2014
A mirror image. A response to a thought or word. A memory. What glints back at us as we gaze upon the water? The throwing back by a body or surface or light, heat, or sound without absorbing it. What will your reflection reveal about you?

Affinity - 2015
I am the garden that I plant. I have....a natural liking for or attraction to a person, think or idea. I am all of the books that I have ever read. I have...a close resemblance or connection to someone or something. I am the places that I have been. I agreement with someone. I am the people that I love to be near. I have...a relationship or ties to another individual. I am the sum of my life experiences.

Patterns - 2016
Celebrate the concept and construction of patterns. There are patterns that occur naturally, and those that can be created; patterns that are sequenced, and those that create a strong visual image. Patterns are all around us in this world - you just have to know where to look for them.

Personal Iconography: Graffitti on Cloth - 2017
An artistic expression based on personal style. An underlying social message. A story that is told through lines, shapes and imagery. A graphic landscape that conveys a story. A mark, an object, an idea

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  1. A group of my quilting buddies are going to start a virtual group, aspiring toward your example. Do you have any structural/organizational advice that would give us a firmer foundation; e.g. an article about how you got started, rules of the road, etc?

    Thanks in advance!


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