Friday, September 30, 2011

QSOS Comes to Houston!

We Need YOU!

Have you heard of Quilters:  Save Our Stories?  This is a major endeavor by the Alliance For American Quilts.  The purpose is to document the stories of quilts and the people who make them.  Our goal is to document as many stories as possible.  To commemorate the launch of the new book by Karey Bresenhan and Nancy Bryant Puentes, "Lone Stars III", the Alliance will be capturing as many of the stories that feature the quiltmakers in the book as possible during the course of the International Quilt Festival.
If you are planning to be in Houston for the festival, please consider a donation of your time.  This rewarding project will be well worth the time spent!

This is an all-star team already, but we will need many more volunteers! Depending on how many morning and afternoon sessions each volunteer takes on we will need between 22-48 volunteers per day. So I need your help with recruiting! Please help us by circulating this call for volunteers to any websites, blogs, lists, newsletters, FB pages, cork boards or refrigerator doors you manage or contribute to. 

The "I'm Volunteering" logo can be used on your own website, blog, FB page that tells everyone you are volunteering. Please direct all potential volunteers to this page on our website, which contains a link to our volunteer registration survey:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Space Between: Houston-bound (Part 2)

Here are three more of the lovely quilts that will grace the George R Brown convention center during the International Quilt Festival, November 3-6, 2011.
"Forest of Blues"
Desiree Habicht

"Blue Towers"
Kathy York

"Breathing Space"
Jayne Larson

"Schooling Through The Jellies"
Susan Fletcher King

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Space Between - Houston Bound!

40 artists interpret the theme "The Space Between" to create this amazing exhibit.  All of the quilts are the same size 36W x 48H vertical format.  The exhibit will be shown at the International Quilt Market Oct 29-31, and Festival in Houston - Nov 2-6; If you would like to read the artists profiles from this exhibit, they are here.  Three bright and vibrant art quilts from the exhibit!
"Black and Bloom All Over" by Judy Coates Perez

"Storybook" by Yvonne Porcella

"Meadow Gold" by Terry Waldron

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