Monday, January 4, 2016

Affinity in Houston

The is the grand hall of exhibits looking to the back down Main Street - which is the red carpet

Did we mention that it was raining?  Alot of rain and flooding while we were in Houston. The convention center is under construction, so that created some additional issues.

Our exhibit was a long a skinny pipe and drape configuration.  Our favorite so far. You could see the more of the quilts on the wall with this set up. Quilts, Inc did a fabulous job hanging our exhibit.

The front - right off Main Street, which is the most excellent spot to be

A little closer
The D@8 Artists Dinner on Friday night.  Here is the menu!

There were four large round tables in the room in the Hilton dining room - a private room.  Chairs were on half of the table for seating, so we could all see each other, and move around the room.  Major book signing of each others books.

Susie, Heather and Cheryl

Spoonology - a tradition at our dinners after dessert.  Can you balance a spoon on your nose?




and the rebels who just didn't want to do it - Lisa, Sue, Karol and Victoria

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