Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quilting Arts Magazine

We are happy to report that our exhibit “Patterns” is featured in the gallery section of the Dec/Jan issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  Susan Brubaker Knapp's quilt from this exhibit is on the cover!

Artists work in the gallery section:
“Crystalline” Susan Brubaker Knapp

“The Content of the Light” Wen Redmond

“Blossoming” Diane Rusin Doran

“Tiles” Cathie Hoover

“Moon Connection” Gayle Simpson

“Kaleidoscope 1” Julie Schlueter

“Umbelliferous/Queen’s Anne’s Lace, No. 1” Sarah Ann Smith

“Wild Life: Green Heron” Martha Wolfe

“Krackle Eins (Krackle One)” Cheryl Sleboda

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dinner at Eight Artists - Market & Festival 2016

Dinner at Eight Artists presents "Patterns" which was shown at the International Quilt Market and Festival in Oct/Nov 2016.  Our exhibit is dedicated to the memory of Yvonne Porcella.  See link on right column about how to buy our book "Patterns."
The front of our exhibit was on Main Street. Linda Anderson, Kathy York and Sue Bleiweiss

Sarah Ann Smith, Barb Forrister, Martha Wolfe, Cynthia St. Charles, Suzan Engler

Cathie Hoover, Deborah Boschert, Sarah Ann Smith

Terry Grant, Valerie C. White, Lauretta Crites, and Cathie Hoover

Cheryl Sleboda, Linda T. Minton, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and Diane R. Doran
Wen Redmond, Gayle Simpson, Karol Kusmaul, Sherry Kleinman

Cindy Cooksey, Susan Fletcher King,  Sherri Lipman McCauley, Susan Brubaker Knapp

Lyric Kinard, Julie Schueter, Terry Stegmiller

Loris Bogue, Stacy Hurt and Lyric Kinard

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