Monday, July 30, 2012

Rituals at Festival in Long Beach

This is the layout of the front of the exhibit, which faces Main Street, and it is before we were done setting up.  But, you can see how the exhibit flows together.

This is located on the side, right after the coffee sign.  Aptly named, the coffee corner.  The SAQA Exhibition faced this section.
This is the back section

Side section on the right.  Tactile Architecture / The Artists Village faced this section
Come closer views

You can see Peggy Calvert on the row - she is cutting threads, and getting lint off of each quilt



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hanging Day at Festival in Long Beach

Hanging Day at Festival in Long Beach with Judy Coates Perez, Julie Schlueter, Peggy Calvert, Sherry Kleinman, Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal.  Here's to team work at its finest!  It just gets better and better!

It's alot of work to hang a show, with many components that have to be done.  The configuration of where each quilt is hung is done ahead of time.  The gathering of slats and lanyards.  Laying the quilts out in order on sheets.

Music stands up and ready to go - they hold the signs for sponsor name (Moore's Sewing Centers) and titles and artists statements

Peggy Calvert is cutting threads off quilts and running a lint roller over each quilt.

Judy Coates Perez and Leslie Tucker Jenison are making sure each quilt is the same distance from the top and the sides
The committee who rallied to get it all done by Noon!  Great job everyone!  We were like a fine oiled machine!

"no photography" signs are placed all at the same level along the front, sides and back.  You can buy the book!  Leslie and Jamie will be in the exhibit when the doors open at 5:00pm tonight1  Hope to see you there!  We will also be doing a curator walk thru on Friday and Saturday at 11:00am in our exhibit.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA

International Quilt Festival, Long Beach, CA - begins on Thursday, July 26th at 5:00pm and continues till Sunday, July 29th at the Long Beach Convention Center.  There are classes to take, shopping for fabric, tools, notions, and fabulous quilt exhibits.

Here is what some of the artists who have work in the Rituals exhibit are up to at Festival in Long Beach -

Located on Main Street in the exhibit area, in between Tactile Architecture and SAQA
Preview Night @ 5pm - Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal will be in the exhibit, selling books and chatting with viewers; come by and say hello

Tactile Architecture
The Artists Village - Frances Holliday Alford, Jamie Fingal, Barb Forrister, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Judy Coates Perez, Kathy York

Text on Textiles
"A Gentle Heart" by Terry Waldron

Twelve by Twelve
with work by Deborah Boschert, Gerrie Congdon, Diane Hock, Karen Rips and Terry Grant.

Desiree Habicht will be working in Gingers quilt shoppe booth showing her patterns

CLASSESJane LaFazio - Faculty
7/26, Thursday, Text and Textiles (all day)
7/27, Friday,  Intro to Surface Design (all day)
7/28, Saturday, Create on the Spot, 11:15-12:15, Felt like Stitching
7/28, Saturday, 2-5pm: Rubber Stamps, Design and carve your own 

Judy Coates Perez - Faculty
July 26 Alternatively Bound & Stitched

July 27 Color Theory

July 28 10 Textile Techniques Using Acrylic Inks
more info about Judy's classes  

 Terry Waldron will be teaching "Transparent Terra Firma" at the Saturday Night Sampler from 6:30-8:30PM in the ballroom

SAQA Exhibits
"Masters 2" and "Sense of Adventure" 
Saturday, July 28th - 10:30am with Terry Waldron

Friday, July 6, 2012

Rituals Book Available on Blurb!

Book cover art (Left to Right) by - Susie Monday, Susan Fletcher King, Judy Coates Perez, Desiree Habicht, Yvonne Porcella, Gerrie Congdon, Gayle Simpson

An exchange between friends. A handshake. A kiss before bedtime. The artist at work.  A sun salutation. The wave before boarding the school bus. A song, a word, a meditation. A habit, a custom.  The traditional toast at a gathering. A rite of passage. The sacred moments of the ordinary.  Rituals:  What are yours?
A collection of 42 Art Quilts 

 International Quilt Festival, Long Beach, CA  - July 26-29, 2012
sponsored by Moore's Sewing Centers

Here is the link to buying the book!  Click here 

book designed by Loris Bogue

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