Monday, March 22, 2010

Beneath the Surface Juried Invitational

Dinner at Eight Artists are very happy to announce that the following pieces have been accepted into the special exhibit "Beneath the Surface" that will be shown at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach, CA - July 22-25th. The exhibit will be sponsored by Moore's Sewing Centers and Brother International.

Natalya Aikens - St. Pete Memory/Pamyat' O Pitere/
Память о Питере
Frances Holliday Alford - Old Money, New Wealth
Loris Bogue - Washday in the Venetian Ghetto--What Laundry Lies...?
Deborah Boschert -Spontaneity and Stability
Peggy L Calvert - Dot to Dot
Phyllis J. Campbell - Magnificent Menace
Paula Chung - Possibilities
Joanell Connolly - The Other Down Under
Gerrie Congdon - Mother Lode
Cindy Cooksey -It's Your Fault
Jane Davila - El Condor de Nazca
Muna Elias - Core of Venus
Barb Forrister - Treasured Waters
Terry Grant - What's Left Behind
Desiree Habicht - Tortured Soul
Pamela Price Klebaum - Evolution of an Artist
Sherry Kleinman - Gone Fishing
Jane LaFazio - Above the Bog
Jayne Larson - Shibori Dog: Primal Instincts
Linda Teddlie Minton - The Key
Susie Monday - Powers of Ten
Jeannie Palmer Moore - Roundabout Squares
Rachel Parris - Quagmire
Karen Stiehl Osborn - Blind Views
Judy Perez - The Three of Swords
Yvonne Porcella - Madama Yolanda: Mind Reader
Wen Redmond - Shaking the Tree of Imagination
Karen Rips - Demolition Series 1
Carolyn Ryan - Win Every Time
Sarah Ann Smith - Joshua
Virginia A. Spiegel - Knowing (Boundary Waters 52)
Cynthia St. Charles - Fossils #5
Ann Turley - Skin
Terry Waldron - Scraffito
Kathy York - Fifty and Female and Fearless

Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal will both have a piece in the exhibit as well, bringing the total to 37 Art Quilts.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Criteria for Jurying our Exhibits

Our criteria - basic art principles - 1) color, contrast, good design, good use of the space, composition; 2) good photography and especially in choosing what portion of the quilt should be given to the detail; 3) how does it relate to the theme in both the art quilt and the statement?; 4) does it fit into the exhibit? All good questions that we ask ourselves.

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