Monday, April 25, 2011

Pamela Price Klebaum - Ventura, CA

1.  What do you call yourself - art wise?  Since the art world is generally still in the Pleistocene Era regarding the value of contemporary quilts, I avoid the "q" word. "Textile artist" sounds good to me!
2.  How do you jump start your creativity when you are in a slump?  A good credo: "step away from the design wall!" Distance works wonders -- both physical and temporal. Another fresh look comes with photographing my work-in-progress and studying the image anew.
3.  If money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your art? Nothing different, but I would have a whoopdeedoo midarm sewing machine! I do like the feeling that comes with donating my art -- and someone buys it!
4.  Do you keep a sketchbook, journal, etc.? My sketchbook has drawings and magazine clippings, and I have a large digital journal with oodles of inspirational photos.
5.  Where can people see your other work this year?  shows, books, magazines, etc
I had a piece that toured the country in SAQA's "No Place to Call Home" exhibit on homelessness. Some of my work was in a Ventura County Arts Council show, and two of those are now on semi-permanent loan to the Ventura County Government Center. My last Dinner at Eight exhibit piece was featured in Quilting Arts magazine. I'll have a piece at the Pacific International Quilt Festival in October, and some in the second annual Extreme Quilters exhibit at the Thousand Oaks Municipal Gallery in October.  I have an article in the spring issue of the SAQA Journal, which features a piece I mounted on Plexiglas.
6.  Do you teach?  where?  I am a perpetual student!
7.  Is there a particular artist who had influenced you in your art life? and why?  My art professors at the local college influenced me deeply. Hiroko Yoshimoto taught me of the nuances and grace of the human form, and Carlyle Cooper instilled in me what I hope is a keen aesthetic sense of the head and all its complexities.
8. Where or what show do you hope your work will be in someday?   I think we all would be over-the-moon if our work were selected for Visions or Quilt National. I need to have the courage to enter, though.
9.  Describe your studio workspace.  My studio has a view of the Pacific. What more could I want? We are building a detached workshop in the backyard, and I will have space for my fused glass pursuits there. I often combine fused glass with textiles, so this new space will allow me to experiment more with combining those enterprises.
10.  What 3 tools could you not live without?  My iPod,  digital software, and my #6 pencil.
11.  What drives you to make the work that you do?  It's definitely something internal and very basic. My mom was quite artistic, and we are eternally trying to please our moms, eh?
12.  How do you balance your life?  Balance is not really an effort. I married really really well.

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  1. Pamela, your sketches on your blog are gorgeous! What an inspiration you are.


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