Saturday, August 27, 2011

Artist Houses, Part Two!

In the Artist Houses workshop at CREATE mixed media retreat, Chicago, the day was divided into two sections:  morning was devoted to creating layered patterns onto the surface of Hoffman fabric, as well as a variety of paper, using gelatin monoprinting and handmade stamps.  During the second half of the day, students selected from their printed surfaces and color laser images of doors and windows and began to assemble their house designs, which were fused together with Mistyfuse and stitched to window screen.
Take a look:
 Students cut backgrounds for the houses, then used the smaller pieces to create accents
 behind doors and windows

decisions, decisions!

color laser copies of doors and windows were cut 
and glued to the surface with matte medium
houses were stitched to window screen on the beautiful 
Bernina B350 sewing machines

Each student used her beautifully textured cloth and paper to 
create a series of amazing houses!


  1. This was SO much fun! I'm gonna make a VILLAGE!


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