Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Quilting Arts Magazine

We are happy to report that our exhibit “Patterns” is featured in the gallery section of the Dec/Jan issue of Quilting Arts Magazine.  Susan Brubaker Knapp's quilt from this exhibit is on the cover!

Artists work in the gallery section:
“Crystalline” Susan Brubaker Knapp

“The Content of the Light” Wen Redmond

“Blossoming” Diane Rusin Doran

“Tiles” Cathie Hoover

“Moon Connection” Gayle Simpson

“Kaleidoscope 1” Julie Schlueter

“Umbelliferous/Queen’s Anne’s Lace, No. 1” Sarah Ann Smith

“Wild Life: Green Heron” Martha Wolfe

“Krackle Eins (Krackle One)” Cheryl Sleboda

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