Teaching Schedule/Classes

Painting with a Twist & Shout - 6 hour class; a great way to overcome your fear of a blank canvas and release your inner child. Students paint on canvas,  change places when the music stops, often painting over each others' work.  Doesn't this look like fun?  In the afternoon the canvas is cut into sections and students make postcards, ATC's, and a journal cover with their section of the painting.  This class is also available in a 3-hour class, painting-only, and everyone gets a section of the canvas at the close of the class.
Sheer Fun
Sheer Fun - 3 hr class; Take a leap with us to learn the art of fusing with Mistyfuse.  The fusible web without a paper back, but the best for collage, quilting and mixed media books.  We will create a 12x15 abstract piece on a wool felt foundation with cotton, silk, sheers and paper.  Learn how to layer fabrics to get cool effects.
For Ransom - 3 hr class.  Make your own ransom lettering alphabet to use in mixed media projects
Folding Artists Studios - 6 hr class.  Make your own stamps and fabric.  Using ransom lettering, color laser copies of windows and doors to create this table top folding book.  Can be sewn with a machine or by hand

Teaching Resume
Art & Soul, Portland, March 2-8

International Quilt Festival, Houston
Art & Soul, Portland Sept 30-Oct 6
International Quilt Festival, Houston
International Quilt Festival, Houston
Create in Chicago, IL
International Quilt Festival, Long Beach
International Quilt Festival, Cincinnati
Create in Chicago, IL

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