Sunday, March 29, 2009

Edges, an Juried Invitational exhibit

Pacific Coast Fiber Artists & Friends present "Edges"

Co-Sponsored by the Artists and Interweave/Quilting Arts

Edges - the sharp cutting part of a blade; sharpness, keenness; the projecting ledge of a cliff, brink; the part furthest from the middle; border; margin - from nature, architecture, household objects, a silhouette, tools and/or the edge of anything that is interesting by using colors, contrasts, and textures. This exhibit will make it's debut at Long Beach Festival.

34 Artists were invited to jury into this exhibit
09 Declined
25 Juried
06 Not Accepted
19 Accepted

Leslie Jenison and Jamie Fingal each have a piece in the collection as co-curators

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