Monday, December 6, 2010

Quilting Arts TV - Series 700

The newest DVD for the Quilting Arts TV Series 700 is available for pre-order; Beneath the Surface artists who are guests in this series are listed below

Series 700 Episodes 1–13
Episode 701:  Jeannie Palmer Moore shows how she stitches first, then paints with water-soluble crayons Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal introduce a quilt exhibit and share tips for shipping quilts
Episode 702:  Tea bags as imagery for mixed-media art quilts with Judy Coates Perez
Episode 704:  Hanging sleeve how-to with Leslie Tucker Jenison
Episode 705:  Screen printing using dye and facial cloths with Leslie Tucker Jenison
Episode 706: Save my UFO with Pokey and Leslie Tucker Jenison
Episode 707: Free-motion zigzag stitching and zippers with Jamie Fingal 
Episode 709: Save My UFO with Pokey and Judy Coates Perez
Episode 710:  Judy Coates Perez uses oil paint to create and enhance imagery on fabric for art quilts
Episode 713:  Art quilts that incorporate zippers with Jamie Fingal
You can pre-order your DVD today
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