Thursday, May 24, 2012

Artist Profile: Cindy Cooksey

Cindy Cooksey,
Irvine, California
1. What other ideas for this theme "rituals" did you have? My other idea was "Seventh Inning Stretch." I was going to portray a baseball fan laden down with souvenirs from the game, belting out "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." But my photo booth idea seemed to fit the format better.

2. Are you involved in any community or group projects where you donate your work? if yes, what project or projects? I do from time to time: I helped make a group quilt for the Orange Public Library, and I've made auction quilts for the Alzheimer's Quilt Initiative, for example.

3. Do you belong to a small group of like-minded artists? yes/no Name/where? What is the best part of being part of an art group? Yes, a small group in Orange County. It's great to be in a group where you don't have to explain what it is that you do, and everyone else is as excited about making art as you are.

4. Are you a member of a professional art organization, such as SAQA? Have you ever held a volunteer position in the organization, and if so, what?  I belong to SAQA; my volunteering for them has been limited to sometimes helping out at their information table at Quilt Festival.

5. What is your favorite palette of colors that you use in your work? Name 5. Name 5 of your least favorite colors? It varies; in general I like vivid colors, like green, blue, red, orange, purple. I rarely use muted pastels, such as mauve, peach, dull greens, off-white. But sometimes they are just the right thing! I never say never.

6. Describe your creative work space in 20 words or less. Are you messy or tidy? My work space upstairs has evolved from a drawing/printmaking studio (in the 80's) to a quilting/sewing/ painting/printing/storing stuff space. I have another smaller space downstairs for strictly handwork, and all my buttons, beads, applique and embroidery threads are stored there, around a comfortable chair. Am I tidy? No.

7. What is your creative process? Think, draw, design, make or right to the design? I usually brainstorm first, then make a few rough sketches. Then I head to my fabrics and go from there.

8. Is there a particular object or shape that shows up repeatedly in your work? Why?  I used to use a lot of newsprint fabric and leopard fabric in my quilts. These days, I can't think of any particular thing that I repeat over and over.

9. If you had to choose a favorite artist from another media, who would it be, and why? I've always liked David Hockney. He's adventurous, curious, and likes to explore new ideas.  He also loves intense color, like me.

10. Have you written a book related to Art Quilts and Quilting or have an instructional DVD? If so, can you tell us the title or titles? No. I have been in some art quilt books, though, such as Quilt Visions 2002 and Embellished Mini Quilts.

11. Do you make art full time? If you have another career, would you describe what you do? and how you incorporate art into your life? When I'm not making art, I'm making crafts. I have become hooked on knitting and sewing "little" clothing ever since I became a grandma, two years ago. But I've always had one hand in art and the other in craft, from way back.

12. What is your most thrilling news to date in relation to your art quilt life? Well, it happened a while ago, but it was a thrill to have been accepted into Quilt Visions 2002. It had been a dream of mine since I began quilting 12 years earlier. Being First Runner Up in IQA's Artistic Expressions was also a big deal, and I got to go to France to claim my prize, but that was in the last millennium.


  1. Cindy, I just now looked at your Rituals entry (photo booth), and am so tickled by the concept and the humor involved. Thanks for a fun interview.

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to see all the quilts hanging together.


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