Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Artist Profile: Betty Amador

Betty Amador
West Hills, California

!. What other ideas for this theme "rituals" did you have?   I thought about the more mundane rituals but then I was struck by the title of De Falla's piece called "Ritual Dance of Fire"  and decided that I would make that my "ritual" piece.

2. Are you involved in any community or group projects where you donate you work? If yes, what project or projects?    No.

3. Do you belong to a small group of like-minded artists? yes/no Name/where? What is the best part of being part of an art group?    I belong to two art quilt groups. One is called "The Extreme Quilters". It is a group roughly of 25 art quilters. We meet once a month and have a show once a year. The other group I belong to is a small group of 8. We meet once a month for potluck dinners. This group shares ideas and we critique new work. They are a very sharing and supportive and have become wonderful friends

4. Are you a member of a professional art organization, such as SAQA? Have you ever held a volunteer position in the organization, and if so, what?   No.

5. What is your favorite palette of colors that you use in your work? Name 5 and your least favorite colors? Name 5.   I love most colors, especially off beat colors. Of course black and white are a "must". Any color is wonderful but has to work with the other colors I use.

6. Describe your creative work space in 20 words or less. are you messy or tidy?    I tend to be a tidy person but when I am working on a new piece it can be chaotic. Fabric everywhere, drawings all over. My studio is not very large so there can be stuff everywhere and on the floor as well.

7. What is your creative process?  Think, draw, design, make or right to the design?   I often start with a doodle or drawing or some idea in my head for a piece. Once I have the idea on paper and I have some idea where I am going, I choose my palette.  On the design wall this often has to be revised. Ideas I have in my head don't always work out in reality.

8. Is there a particular object or shape that shows up repeatedly in your work? Why?   I love wonderful odd shapes, circles, crescents, triangles and curvy lines.

9. If you had to choose a favorite artist from another media, who would it be, and why?  I tend to like many of the Abstract Expressionists. It is difficult for me to say who is my favorite.  I have learned a lot from all of them. I think I favor the artists of our "time".

10. Have you written a book related to Art Quilts and Quilting or have an instructional DVD? If so, can you tell us the title or titles?   No.

11. Do you make art full time? If you have another career, would you describe what you do? and how you incorporate art into your life?   I am now a widow and I devote most of my time to creating art.

12. What is your most thrilling news to date in relation to your art quilt life?   Getting into IQF and the possibility of getting accepted for a Lark book called "People and Portraits".

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