Thursday, August 8, 2013

"An Exquisite Moment" exhibit debuts at the International Quilt Festival in Long Beach

These picture were actually taken on Sunday, getting ready to take the exhibit down.  After removing the music stands and plastic tape, we had a clear view of the quilts.  The colors flowed well from one end to the other.

front portion

More front, fading to white at the end

other end of front portion

turning the corner

The back

corner and back

end of the back

Our new sign for Dinner at Eight.  The @ is not done, but it was close enough for the exhibit in Long Beach.  Jamie created them, and Leslie did most of the free motion machine quilting!


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  2. I am just amazed and very inspired by you and Leslie... and this group! I so want to create this kind of thoughtful and kind community of talented gals in my tiny rural area in Northern Wisconsin. Jamie, when Houston is done and you have a moment I'd love to chat. Thanks for the continued inspiration!


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