Friday, June 17, 2016

Accepted Artsts for "Patterns" 2016

"Patterns", the 2016 Dinner at Eight Artists exhibition, is dedicated to the memory of Yvonne Porcella.  Yvonne was a juried artist of many previous d@8 shows and a constant inspiration to us both.  She was an icon of the quilting world in so many ways. Her memory will live on through those of us touched by her talent, humor, and courage. Here's to you, Yvonne!

On behalf of Dinner at Eight Artists, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison would like to congratulate the following artists whose work has been selected for "Patterns."  

Linda Anderson - On the Same Page
Sue Bleiweiss - Connect the Boxes
Loris Bogue - Please Stand By
Deborah Boschert - Provisions
Cindy Cooksey - The Innkeeper Wore Black
Lauretta Crites - White Lace on Red Velvet
Diane R. Doran - Blossoming
Suzan Engler - Fractal Pattern - Fash Cars, Rainy Night
Barb Forrister - Dance of the Magpie's
Terry Grant - Patterns of Mesoamerica
Cathie Hoover - Tiles
Stacy Hurt - Wanda's Whimsy
Lyric Montgomery Kinard - Mill Wheels VII - Order & Chaos
Susan Fletcher King - Making Coleslaw - Cabbage Alchemy (pictured above)
Sherry Davis Kleinman - Genevieve
Susan Brubaker Knapp - Crystalline
Karol Kusmaul - FiddleSticks
Sherri Lipman McCauley - Triangled
Linda Teddlie Minton - The Journey
Wen Redmond - The Content of the Light
Cynthia St. Charles - Dye Pattern Composition 1
Julie Schlueter - Kaleidoscope 1 
Gayle Simpson - Moon Connection
Cheryl Sleboda - Krackle Eins (Krackle One) 
Sarah Ann Smith - Umbelliferous/Queen Anne's Lace, No. 1
Terri Stegmiller - Purrfectly Patterned
Valerie White - Sacred Stories
Martha Wolfe - Wild Life: Green Heron
Victoria Findlay-Wolfe - Cross Woven
Kathy York - 100 Days/100 Nights

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  1. Wishi could see all the pieces! Are they going tone shown on the web?


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