Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Artist Profile: Linda Teddlie Minton

Linda Teddlie Minton
San Antonio, Texas

1. How do you describe yourself?  Over the years I've gone from "quilter" to "art quilter" to my current preference, "fiber artist."

2. What is your creative process?  Although I'm a visual artist, I get most of my inspiration from literary sources ... songs, stories, and quotations. One of my favorite resources is my 93-year-old mother, who still sings songs from her long-ago childhood oftentimes, these songs or verbal snippets find their way into my artwork.

3. Describe your studio space.  Although I do have a formal studio in my home, my art seems to spill over into my bedroom, my office, and even my bathroom. Funny, but I still don't have enough room!

4. What's your signature style? How long did it take you to find your style when you first started making art quilts?  I think of myself as a whimsical artist because I love humor in all its forms, but I also love bold and mysterious abstracts. My style has developed so gradually and has morphed in so many subtle directions that it's hard to pinpoint when I "found" it ... in fact, I'm pretty sure I’m still searching for it.

5. Are there artistic endeavors you are yet to do?  Oh, so many! I'm playing with sketching, painting, and assemblage right now, with many more disciplines simmering on the back burner.

6. Do you keep a sketchbook and/or journal?  I'm not disciplined enough to keep a journal, but I have many, many sketchbooks in different stages throughout my house and car.

7. Being published is important to artists, so do you have any instructional dvd's, author of books, YouTube channel, have a website with other artists for collaborative projects? As the White Rabbit said, "no time, no time, no time!" However, I do meet with a small group of other fiber artists for critiques and occasional group projects.

8. Do you teach?  Not this year. Once family obligations have settled down, I do hope to teach again.

9. Having your work in juried, invitationals, and solo shows is a great way to get your name out there. Where can people see your work?  I've only entered one exhibit this year ... my favorite ... Dinner at Eight!

10. How many years have you had your work in d@8 exhibits, or is this your first time?  I have had 5 quilts in D@8, and am so pleased to have been invited again. Thank you, Jamie & Leslie!
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