Thursday, September 8, 2016

Artist Profile: Loris Bogue

Loris Bogue
Simi Valley, California

1. How do you describe yourself?   Curious.  Someone with a lot of interests.  I want my epitaph to read, "But I wasn't finished yet!"

2. What is your creative process?  I am either inspired by a photo, by a technique, or from sorting through my stash of hand-dyed fabrics.  The resulting work tends toward the abstract, something I have only just realized.

3. Describe your studio space.  One of our four bedrooms has been made into my studio.  I have several white cabinets/bookcases, a large cutting table with drawers and shelves, and a closet outfitted with wire shelves.  One wall is a design wall, which is made of lightweight insulation board covered with white flannel.  I also have a bank of fabric from floor to ceiling in my master closet and shelves full of fabric dyeing equipment in the garage.

4. What's your signature style? How long did it take you to find your style when you first started making art quilts?  I believe my style tends toward the more graphic.  When I look at my work as a whole, I see that I most often use colors in the warmer spectrum.  I can't say how long it took to find my style; I had to discover it in retrospect by looking back at my work as a whole.

5. Are there artistic endeavors you are yet to do?  I have been taking painting classes of all kinds and am trying to find a way to combine my paintings with textile art.  I have also become an art history buff.

6. Do you keep a sketchbook and/or journal?  Periodically I make entries in sketchbooks, but not on a daily basis.  I do save articles on art and artists in large scrapbooks.

7. Being published is important to artists, so do you have any instructional dvd's, author of books, YouTube channel, have a website with other artists for collaborative projects?  No I don't.

8. Do you teach? I'm not teaching at this time.

9. Having your work in juried, invitationals, and solo shows is a great way to get your name out there. Where can people see your work?  Much of my time is devoted to making  pieces for our annual Extreme Quilters show that rolls around every October.  Most recently, I had work in the Uncommon Threads show in April 2016 in Tarzana, California.

10. How many years have you had your work in d@8 exhibits, or is this your first time?  I've tried to be in all eight of the exhibits and have been successful six times!

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