Thursday, April 29, 2010

Joanell Connolly - Huntington Beach, CA

1. How do you describe yourself? Artist working in fabric

2. What is your creative process? Creative process. Usually starts with a piece of fabric or a color combination. I never draw out the design but often will start with a sketch or mini collage - and work from there.

3. What's your style? Abstract, even when I am working with a photo as the center piece. Surface design techniques and words have been part of my work for more than 20 years.

4. How long have you been a quilt maker/fiber artist?
I did my first Art in the Park show in '88, working with hand painted silk and paper earrings. (paper is fiber just not fabric). I was a wearable artist for years, am/was as Fairfield and Bernina fashion show designer. The transition to quilts just sort of happened. I burned out making and selling clothing - Quilts just evolved.

5. Do you listen to music when you make art? what kind? I usually work in silence. Sometimes in the afternoon I turn on CSI or one of the many police reruns. Background noise without much plot.

6. What do you do when you are blocked creatively? Doesn't happen often but if it peeks in, I go do other stuff. Somethings cannot be forced.

7. Do you teach? Wish I felt more comfortable teaching.

8. Are there artistic endeavors that you have yet to do? Don't know. I am waiting for my next big direction to present itself. So far, these passions have just appeared.

9. How do you balance your family life and art? I have always had a very supported husband - so balancing has not been an issue - except sometimes in my head.

10. What is the best part about what you do? The best part of doing what I do is the privilege of being able to do it. The hardest part is remembering what a privilege it is.
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