Monday, May 9, 2011

Barb Forrister - Austin, TX

1. What do you call yourself - art wise?  I am a fiber artist who enjoys using unusual and “upcycled” materials to convey textural surfaces. I love to heat distress synthetic fibers and add 3 dimensional elements to my work.
2. How do you jump start your creativity when you are in a slump?  I photograph nature and feel that there is always something that calls to me and beckons to be created. I contribute to many causes for both animal protection and environmental issues and often find that I can speak through my art to make people aware of their plight or circumstances.
3. If money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your art?   I would travel more and allow my world to inspire me. I would also love to have a full size studio with lots of storage and room for creating.
4. Do you keep a sketchbook, journal, etc.?  I have a few different size sketchbooks that I use to sketch ideas and keep notes. Sometimes, I even use napkins to doodle on and then transfer them to my sketchbook for later reference. 
5. Where can people see your other work this year? shows, books, magazines, etc.
My work can be seen at International Quilt Festival Special Exhibits Including Text On Textiles, Celebrate Spring, 175th Birthday of Texas as a Republic, Open European Quilt Championships in the Netherlands and the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center (NHOTIC) in Baker City, Oregon. Publications include 2011: Lone Stars III: Texas Quilts Today by Karey Patterson Bresenhan and Nancy O'Bryant Puentes, The Copper Shade Tree Art In Fiber 2011, Studio Art Quilts Associates Inc. Portfolio 18 and In the Spotlight, Barb Forrister in April/May 2011 edition of Quilting Arts Magazine.
6. Do you teach? where?   I absolutely love teaching and this year I will be teaching Artful Coloring for the Austin Area Quilt Guild. I hope to have more teaching opportunities in the future.
7. Is there a particular artist who had influenced you in your art life? and why?  I love all sorts of art and artists though I can’t say that anyone in particular has influenced me in my work. 
8. Where or what show do you hope your work will be in someday?  I would love to have my work included in one of SAQA travelling venues and perhaps one day, at Quilt National. I would also like to have a solo art exhibit in a museum. 
9. Describe your studio workspace.  I share a studio with my husband. He creates music and I create visual art. I love the way both senses are blended together!
10. What 3 tools could you not live without?   That’s a tough one! Let’s see… I would need my sewing machine, needle felting machine and a pair of scissors. If I had to, I could make do with that!
11. What drives you to make the work that you do?  I absolutely adore texture and am mesmerized with creating naturescapes from recycled and unconventional materials. I am a very tactile person!
12. How do you balance your life?  Family is first, then art. My days are spent creating art but by 4:30, it’s all about family time and enjoying one another’s company.
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