Monday, May 16, 2011

Desiree Habicht - Riverside, CA

1.  What do you call yourself - art wise?  I call myself a mutli-media artist. I work in watercolor, pastels, acrylics and so much more, and of course fabric!
2.  How do you jump start your creativity when you are in a slump?
I am surrounded by things that inspire and motivate me. All I have to do is just open my eyes!

3.  If money wasn't an issue, what would you do with your art?
I would give it away!! I enjoy brightening other peoples lives with art. The best part about being an artist is sharing my gift!
4.  Do you keep a sketchbook, journal, etc.?  Yes, many, many sketchbooks and journals. I have both working sketchbooks that are for developing projects and ideas and I have more of a journaling sketchbook that I will show others.
5.  Where can people see your other work this year?  shows, books, magazines, etc
My quilts and fine art is being shown around the country. My fabric line is in many of your local quilt shops, Lil Miss Cutie Patootie! There is also my blog and website

6.  Do you teach?  where?   I do teach, I will be at the CREATE retreat in Costa Mesa teaching a fun colored pencil panel class. I also teach at quilt shops, guilds and I give workshops at my studio.
7.  Is there a particular artist who had influenced you in your art life? and why? Many artists have influenced me both in my artwork and in my art quilts. To mention just one, Dianna Ponting for her wonderful eye for color and for helping me with my signature!

8. Where or what show do you hope your work will be in someday?  I have been honored to have been accepted in both National and International Quilt Shows. I hope to be able to continue creating pieces that are accepted! I am still discovering more and more venues that are accepting fiber art pieces in their museum art shows etc. Competitions are perfect for me as I often need a deadline and I appreciate the other talented artist the keep raising the bar! I would love to be asked to travel overseas to attend a big international show or teach a class!  
9.  Describe your studio workspace.   My main studio is a converted bedroom, about 14x14, but like most of you, I have managed to take over other rooms in the house. My studio is always cluttered with ongoing projects and ideas but I can shut the door and hide the mess!
10.  What 3 tools could you not live without? 
My iron, a pen w/sketchbook, and my paints, is that 3 or 4? I was never good in math.

11.  What drives you to make the work that you do?   Something inside needs to be expressed visually, there is always a painting or a quilt that is trying to get out!! I just need more time and some full time helpers.
12.  How do you balance your life?   Balance is tricky, my life is so busy and a bit crazy. My husband and daughter are my biggest fans and help to support my dreams. I do find its very easy to get over committed if I am not careful, so I approach things more slowly now. Over the last few years I have been able to grow again creatively. Since my daughters crash in 2000 my time has not been my own and it took years but we have finally developed a rhythm or balance, together.

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