Monday, June 17, 2013

Artist Profile: Judy Coates Perez

Judy Coates Perez
Sacramento, CA

1,  What year did you make your first quilt?    Traditional or art?  I made my first (and last) traditional quilt in 1989

2.  What is the first show, and year, that you ever entered your art quilts?  Venue?  I think it I entered my first art quilts into the Austin Area Quilt guild show in 1998.

3.  What is your artistic style?  I'm not sure if I could pin it down to one, but I guess I would have to say my work is representational and most often painted in a graphic style.

4.  Have you ever changed your style from when you started making quilts?  It has been a continuous progression of styles, mediums and techniques over the years, but I think my work has had continuity throughout.

5.  What other style in quilt making piques your interest? I sometimes think about wanting to make what one now refers to as a 'modern quilt'

6.  What other medium in art influences your work as a fiber artist?  For a number of years I worked in clay, throwing pots and hand building. I loved carving designs in the surface of my work before firing and also painting elaborate designs with glazes which definitely related to texturing the surface of my textile work with quilting stitches. 

7.  What do you have coming up?  Shows, Articles in magazines, Books, etc.  I'll be teaching at some wonderful venues this year: June 30- July 2 Idyllwild Arts, Idyllwild, CA, August 14-17 AQS Grand Rapids, MI, August 24, 25, Shake Rag Alley School of Arts and Crafts, Mineral Point, WI, Oct 28-Nov 3International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX  

8.  Where will your art take you from here?  Onward and upward! and hopefully somewhere good :-)

9.  Describe your studio space:  My studio is a 15' x 19' room in my house, conveniently next to the kitchen, laundry and a small bathroom. I have a 4'x8' work/sewing table in the center with flat files, file cabinets, several cupboards and shelves for storage as well as an antique dresser that I keep all my cut fabric in.

10. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered in the making of your art quilt for "An Exquisite Moment?"  Deciding which 'exquisite' moment to choose.

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