Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Artist Profile: Kathy York

Kathy York
Austin, TX

1,  What year did you make your first quilt?    Traditional or art? I made my first quilt in 1981, or rather I started in then.  It was completed in 1996.  It was a traditional quilt, log cabin, and hand quilted.  I still snuggle under it when it is cold!

2.  What is the first show, and year, that you ever entered your art quilts?  Venue? Yikes!  I can't remember.  It was probably Houston because I remember starting art quilting along with the Journal Quilt Project.  I started that in 2003.
3.  What is your artistic style? I like abstract and representational.  I love clean lines, a graphic style, and bright colors.
4.  Have you ever changed your style from when you started making quilts?  Yes, I have done some more realistic work with both surface design and digital printing, but I usually go back to the more graphic style.
5.  What other style in quilt making piques your interest? I love improvisational piecing, especially in the modern quilt movement.
6.  What other medium in art influences your work as a fiber artist? Architecture.  Imagine building art on such a grand scale!!
7.  What do you have coming up?  Shows, Articles in magazines, Books, etc. I have an article coming up in Quilting Arts Magazine this summer.  I also have new work that has been selected to be in two SAQA exhibits, Radical Elements and Earth Stories.
8.  Where will your art take you from here? My goal is for my art to represent my thoughts, feelings and values.  I strive to be authentic, and hope to have a two way communication with my viewers. 
9.  Describe your studio space: A big bedroom, painted purple, hardwood floors, rolling chairs, lamps on extension cords to move around as needed.  Furniture constantly moved about as project needs change.  I have 4 moveable design walls with something on them all the time.  One lovely window with big oak trees outside and birds.  A sliding glass door onto a deck where my cats like to hang out.  Usually Netflix or music from my iTunes collection is playing.  It is rarely still or quiet in here!

10. What was the biggest challenge you have encountered in the making of your art quilt for "An Exquisite Moment?"  The biggest challenge, even after all these years, was cutting into my new set of batik fabrics!   

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