Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Artist Profile: Desiree Habicht

Desiree Habicht
Riverside, CA

1.  Describe your signature style in 5 words: contemporary realism with a twist

2.  Do you ever work in another medium and, if so, what is it and what appeals to you about it? Yes, I work in watercolor and pastel. I love the ability to create beautiful things with shapes, color and value

3.  What's coming up for you in your artistic world? I am working on some new pieces and I will be teaching at the San Diego Quilt Show this year.

4.  Do you have any studio rituals? I have my goals, ideas written on a giant sticky note on my wall which I review and add too everyday..

5.  Who has inspired you on your artistic journey? Carol Taylor, Velda Newman are just a few

6.  What are the 5 essential things in your studio that you cannot live without? My iron, design wall, My Truecut rotary cutter and ruler, paints - Oh I have more!

7.  What is on your design table right now? A new quilt pattern I am working on for Houston

8.  How do you juggle your artistic life, family, friends, etc?  I am scheduling my work week so that I have time in the studio, days that I am working on the business side and I still have time for enjoying time with my family

9.  Do you have any studio companions (human or otherwise)? My daughter Jennifer and her dog Chloe are my studio companions. When I am sitting doing quilting or piecing she and Chloe come in and we watch movies together, well they watch and I listen!

10.  What was the biggest challenge in creating your piece for Reflections? The biggest Challenge was creating and developing the quilt so that it told the story I wanted to tell. I required using photoshop, digital manipulation, photo transfer and then adding the applique and paints to get that look I wanted.

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