Friday, September 11, 2015

Artist Profile: Jeannie P. Moore

Jeannie Palmer Moore
Escondido, CA

1. Did the change in dimensions present any specific challenges for you?  I knew the free-motion quilting on the 40” x 40” would take some time—that’s a BIG quilt to stitch!

2. Describe your design area, specifically your work table:  what is the best thing about it? I do most of my design work standing up so the height is the most important thing to me. My worktable is 48” x 36” on the surface and the height is at 37” which makes it comfortable for standing and moving around. My ironing table is at the same height and close by.

3. What set this quilt apart from other recent projects you have been working on? I’ve been reproducing representational and interpretive images from my photographs and drawings lately so this quilt was my first improvisational quilt.

4. When you get “stuck” how do you deal with a “design block”?  How do you overcome it? When I get “stuck” it’s usually because I have so many ideas and I have to narrow it down to just a few that will work together. I do a page of thumbnail sketches until I see what will work.

5. Do you work on single or multiple projects at the same time? I work on multiple projects at different stages. I’m experimenting with improvisational designs at the moment between my other quilts. This way I am never bored!

6. What do you hope people take away from your work? I hope people study my quilt and discover all of the surface design techniques I’ve incorporated.

7. What are the best parts of working on an art quilt:  What are your least favorite parts? I have to admit my favorite part is designing the quilt. Constructing and stitching it is also enjoyable. My least favorite is the hand-stitching finish work and paperwork.

8. What art/quilt-related organizations do you belong to? SAQA and Modern Quilt Guild

9. Do you have a preferred color palette?  Why? I love Italian gold colors and reds because they make me happy!

10. What do you regard as your most interesting milestones along your art journey? It’s interesting for me to see my quilts travel the world and to many places that I have yet to see.

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