Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Artist Profile: Judy Coates Perez

Judy Coates Perez
Sacramento, CA
1. Did the change in dimensions present any specific challenges for you? I loved the challenge and the aesthetic of long thin format of the earlier exhibits. I haven’t worked in a square format much, so it was an interesting challenge as well.

2. Describe your design area, specifically your work table:  what is the best thing about it?  It’s big 4’ x 8’

3. What set this quilt apart from other recent projects you have been working on? This piece is a completely different style of work in it’s simplicity. Most of my work over the last 4 years has involved a lot of layering of imagery and multiple techniques on one piece of fabric. This is one layer, without defined imagery and is more about atmosphere and light.

4. When you get “stuck” how do you deal with a “design block”?  How do you overcome it? I don’t focus on it, I do other things, and in most cases, an idea eventually comes to mind on a new way to approach the subject matter.

5. Do you work on single or multiple projects at the same time? Usually one project at I time, if I get distracted and start something new, it’s really hard for me to get back to the other work and finish it. The excitement of new work is too enticing.

6. What do you hope people take away from your work? That changes depending on the work.

7. What are the best parts of working on an art quilt:  What are your least favorite parts? The painting/creating the imagery is the best, the finishing work (binding, sleeve and label) is the worst. I don’t like hand sewing.

8. What art/quilt-related organizations do you belong to? SAQA, SDA, IQA

9. Do you have a preferred color palette?  Why?  No, that would be far too limiting. Color expresses mood, and communicates the concept of a work.

10. What do you regard as your most interesting milestones along your art journey? Early on probably winning awards at IQF and PIQF, then being published in magazines and books, getting opportunities to teach abroad, and developing a new direction with my work using acrylic inks over the last 5 years that feels fairly unique. 


  1. Judy's work is so exciting and recognizable as her own, I always love it!

  2. Judy's work is so exciting and recognizable as her own, I always love it!


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