Thursday, September 7, 2017

Artist Profile: Suzan Engler

Suzan Engler
Houston, Texas

1. What kind of challenges did this theme present to you? Meeting the challenge and staying true to my personal style was the greatest challenge.
2. Describe your studio space? My studio is my refuge and my happy place.  If it had a refrigerator and restroom I would never leave!
3. Where can people see your work in the next six months? My work is on display at International Quilt Festival Houston, Festival of Quilts - Birmingham, United Kingdom, The Texas Quilt Museum, and the Copper Shade Tree Gallery, Round Top, Texas,  where my work is featured in the Changing Gears exhibit.

4. Do you ever work in a series?  If so, what benefits or challenges does this present to you as an artist?  I work in a series of series. I single series can become boring to me. 

5. What other activities do you engage in that “feed” your creative energy? I strive to do everything with my own brand of creativity. I sew garments, crochet, and paint with watercolor, acrylic, and encaustic.

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