Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dinner at Eight Artists in Houston

We are so happy to finally be in Houston and see our exhibit

Dinner at Eight Artists

Thank you Mistyfuse for sponsoring our exhibit with us!

The exhibit is spread out in the hall - left to right - Rachel Parris, Sherri Mc Cauley, Gerrie Congdon, Valerie White and Susan Brubaker Knapp

Left to right -  d@8, Sue Bleiweiss, Linda Anderson, Rachel Parris, Sherri McCauley

Left to right - Heather Pregger, Hope Wilmarth and Lyric Kinard

Left to right -  Martha Wolfe and Jane Dunnewold 

Left to right - Susie Monday, Kristin LaFlamme, and Jeannie Moore

Left to right -  Annie Smith and Cindy Cooksey

Left to right -  Susan Fletcher King and Frances Holliday Alford

Left to right - Jamie Fingal, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Virginia Spiegel, Karol Kusmaul, Kathy York, Sherry Kleinman, Virginia Greaves and Judy Coates Perez 
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