Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Dinner at Eight Artists - Year 10 - Acceptances

Dinner at Eight Artists is pleased to present The Best of Dinner at Eight Artists: Celebrating 10 Years of Exhibitions. Each artist selected a theme from the last 9 years for what will be our last exhibition. Quilt size is 30” wide by 50” high. The exhibit is sponsored by Havel’s Sewing and Mistyfuse!

Artists considered the following: 

We've explored the Edges and the Spaces Between

We examined things Beneath the Surface

We all admit that we have Rituals

We shared our Exquisite Moments

We Reflected upon ourselves and the world around us

We expressed our Affinity for certain things

We've noted the many Patterns in our lives

and expressed ourselves through Personal Iconography


Artists Name, Title of Quilt, Theme

Frances Holliday Alford - Anke’s Tulips - Affinity

Sue Bleiweiss- Color My World - Personal Iconography 

Loris Bogue - Monet’s Garden - Affinity

Deborah Boschert - Glossary - Personal Iconography 

Cindy Cooksey - AM Constitutional- Rituals* pictured

Lauretta K. Crites - Cue Orchestra, Curtain Up! - Affinity

Diane R. Doran - Afterglow - Affinity

Suzan Engler- Triangular Sunrise - Exquisite Moment

Terry Grant - You Don’t Really Know Me Until You Look - Beneath the Surface 

Anne S. Hammond - Staying Calm - Beneath the Surface

Cathie I. Hoover - Roxie in the 1997 Halloweenie Parade - Exquisite Moment

Stacy Hurt - Asteraceae- Edges

Lyric Montgomery Kinard - Accession: Something Added - Personal Iconography 

Susan Fletcher King - My Divorce Quilt: Shredded - Beneath the Surface 

Sherry Kleinman - My Friend Winnie - The Space Between

Susan Brubaker Knapp - Drawn to the Light - Patterns

Karol Kusmaul - Lighting the Way - Exquisite Moment 

Kristin LaFlamme - Radiant Reflection - Reflections

Sherri Lipman McCauley - Test Patterns - Patterns

Susie Monday - Con Safo- Personal Iconography 

Jeannie P. Moore- Seeing Circles - Patterns 

Rachel K. Parris - In School Days - Affinity 

Judy Coates Perez - Inky- Beneath the Surface 

Heather Pregger - Water Music (Tuning Fork #51) - Personal Iconography 

Wen Redmond- Layers of Meaning - Personal Iconography 

Sarah Anne Smith - Pink Oyster - Edges

Virginia Spiegel - Boundary Waters 91 - Beneath the Surface

Cynthia St. Charles - Baja Californai- Exquisite Moment 

Ann Turley - Inca Dreams - Reflections

Valerie C. White - Catch of the Day - Affinity 

Libby Williamson- Clan of Misfits - Reflections

Hope Wilmarth - ExplOCEAN - Exquisite Moment 

Martha Wolfe - Ritsurin in the Rain - Exquisite Moment 

Victoria Findlay Wolfe - A Year in Moments - Exquisite Moment 

Kathy York - The Heron, The Kayak and the Grebes- Affinity 

Vivien Zeft - Daily Bar Code - Patterns

Jamie Fingal - Zen Stitching - Reflections

Leslie Tucker Jenison - Interstitial - The Space Between

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