Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Artist Profile: Carol Larson

Carol Larson
Petaluma, CA

1. What other ideas for this theme "rituals" did you have? A vegan thanksgiving; an annual ritual is to create a menu for a fabulous meatless meal from a different culture.
2.  Are you involved in any community or group projects where you donate your work?  if yes, what project or projects. none currently
3. Do you belong to a small group of like-minded artists?  yes/no  name/where  what is the best part of being part of an art group? Not at present. My challenge has been in finding a group of diverse artists who have similar artistic achievements and experience so that the camaraderie is reciprocal as well as supportive.

4.  Are you a member of a professional art organization, such as SAQA?  Have you ever held a volunteer position in the organization, and if so, what? Yes SAQA and SDA. For SAQA I was NoCA-NV rep for 3 years, curator of Points of View and data entry administrator for two Transformations exhibits.

5.  What is your favorite palette of colors that you use in your work?  name 5 …earth tones and metallics: ochre,  turquoise, red, copper, dark brown and your least favorite colors? name 5… I don’t dislike any color!

6.  Describe your creative work space in 20 words or less.  are you messy or tidy?   Both my dye-paint work space and sewing studio are messy when creating and tidy otherwise.

7.  What is your creative process?  think, draw, design, make or right to the design. I think about an idea, audition fabrics on my design wall in a process I call ‘fermenting” and then spontaneously design it. If it is a landscape I sketch, slap on the overhead projector, draw a template and design from there.

8.  Is there a particular object or shape that shows up repeatedly in your work?  Why? The curved line.  It is an intuitive mark and a metaphor for the life process, always in flux. 

9. If you had to choose a favorite artist from another media, who would it be, and why?  Freda Kahlo as I readily identify with her physical challenges. I love how art-making re-energizes the soul and leads us out of the darker places. 

 10.      Have you written a book related to Art Quilts and Quilting or have an instructional DVD?  If so, can you tell us the title or titles?  I self-published the Tall Girl Series: A Body of Work which is an autobiographical story with 23 art quilts as illustration. http://www.live2dye.com/gallery.php?cat=8

11.  Do you make art full time?   If you have another career, would you describe what you do? and how you incorporate art into your life?  I make art about 1/3 of the time, market another 1/3 and exercise/sleep the other 1/3.  I was blessed with an early retirement and the opportunity to reinvent myself.

12.  What is your most thrilling news to date in relation to your art quilt life? My first corporate art sale was five pieces to the James Irvine Foundation in San Francisco. CA.


  1. Carol, I searched around on your website and finally found your Rituals piece, I think ... is it "Keeping Up Appearances #5"? I love it! I'm dying to see it "up close and personal", especially your screen printing technique ... very intriguing.

  2. Hi Linda...yes, my Rituals piece is Keeping Up Appearances #5. It is primarily a vintage cotton tablecloth woven with silver and gold metallic threads which I then screen-printed. The ritual is table-setting. Thanks for your comments!


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