Thursday, April 12, 2012

Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio - 2012

The Space Between exhibit - 20 pieces from the 40 piece exhibit are being shown at Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio this weekend.  Judy Coates Perez is there teaching, and took all of the photos for us on her iPhone, so we can see it.  The artists whose work is featured are:

Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal, co-curators
Linda T. Minton and Susan Brubaker Knapp

Sherry Kleinman and Deborah Boschert
Jayne Larson and Cindy Cooksey
Joanell Connolly and Jeannie Moore

Julie Schlueter and Pam Klebaum
Susie Monday and Gayle Simpson
Judy Coates Perez and Teresa Shippy
Terry Waldron and Yvonne Porcella
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