Monday, April 16, 2012

Artist Profile: Loris Bogue

Loris Bogue
Simi Valley, California

1. What other ideas for this theme "rituals" did you have?  My original plan was to portray the Air Force Academy graduation "hat toss," with jet contrails in the background.  When I made a mock-up, the abstracted composition was boring, so I went through my travel photos and the online definitions of "rituals," where I stumbled on a definition that worked with one of my photos and fit the theme perfectly.

2.  Are you involved in any community or group projects where you donate your work?  if yes, what project or projects?  I have donated work in the past, but I'm not actively involved in anything right now, other than donating a small art quilt to SAQA's auction each year.

3.  Do you belong to a small group of like-minded artists?  yes/no  name/where  what is the best part of being part of an art group?  Yes, I belong to two local Ventura County groups, one of twenty-five members, and one of eight.  The best part is the inspiration I receive from seeing what others are doing, and the motivation I get from having the "deadlines" of monthly meetings to get my work done to show.

4.  Are you a member of a professional art organization, such as SAQA?  Have you ever held a volunteer position in the organization, and if so, what?  I belong to SAQA and was a Southern California co-rep in 2010-2011.

5.  What is your favorite palette of colors that you use in your work?  name 5 and your least favorite colors?  name 5.  My favorite palette is one of earth colors:  greens, browns, beiges, reds and oranges.  Least favorite:  blues, turquoise.

6.  Describe your creative work space in 20 words or less.  are you messy or tidy?  My workspace is a dedicated bedroom studio, packed to the gills with supplies.  I am pretty tidy, just have a lot of stuff.

7.  What is your creative process?  think, draw, design, make or right to the design?  Ideas don't come to me quickly.  Once I get an inspiration, I have to think about it for a long time.  Then I go to my stash and pull fabrics.  Ironically, my best work has been the work I did the quickest.

8.   Is there a particular object or shape that shows up repeatedly in your work?  Why?  No.

9.   If you had to choose a favorite artist from another media, who would it be, and why?  Besides my friends whose art work graces my walls (because it's personal, obviously), I'd have to choose Modigliani.  I love his color palette and his stylized portraits.

10.  Have you written a book related to Art Quilts and Quilting or have an instructional DVD?  If so, can you tell us the title or titles?  No.

11.  Do you make art full time?   If you have another career, would you describe what you do? and how you incorporate art into your life?  No, I don't make art full time, if you mean art quilts.  I am a self-employed part-time web designer and do some graphic arts work as well.  So if you consider that "art," and I do, then yes, I "make art" full time.

12.  What is your most thrilling news to date in relation to your art quilt life?  It's any time someone buys one of my pieces or when one of my pieces is used for promotional purposes.


  1. I really love seeing interviews with artists on my favorite blogs but I do have a suggestion. If the artist has given a simple "no" answer with no elaboration, it might be best not to include that question in the published interview, because it sort of halts the flow of information and the perceived shortness of the response can also feel a bit unwelcoming to a reader. Other than that, great interview - I will definitely look forward to more of these!
    ~~~the Art of Inclusion~~~

  2. Loris, it was so great to read about you! I have especially admired your "Enthalpy III", and wish you great success.


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