Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Artist Profile: Jayne Larson

Jayne Larson
Indianola, WA

1. What year did you make your first quilt? Traditional or art?  The first quilt that I finished was an art quilt for a mini group challenge in 2002/2003. I had started several other quilts, a mix of art and traditional, before then, but never finished any of them.

2. What is the first show, and year, that you ever entered your art quilts? Venue?  My quilt was in a group show in southern California in 2003 or 2004. And I can't remember the venue.

3. What is your artistic style?  Expressionistic realism probably describes most of my work. But I am interested in moving toward more abstraction.

4. Have you ever changed your style from when you started making quilts?  I started using mostly machine work, piecing, appliqué and stitching, but now handwork is my preference.

5. What other style in quilt making piques your interest?  In the past I have occasionally used digital photography in my quilts which I would like to explore further. Its very exciting how images can be manipulated and printed or applied to textiles, with the software and technology that is available.

6. What other medium in art influences your work as a fiber artist?  Drawing is the key starting point and means to focus my inspiration.

7. What do you have coming up? Shows, Articles in magazines, Books, etc.  This year, I plan to participate in a gallery show in Hilo, Hawaii in September and a show in Thousand Oaks California in October with my mini group, Extreme Quilters.

8. Where will your art take you from here?  I am interested in experimenting with drawing more.

9. Describe your studio space.  I work in a bonus room area. Although it's part of a walk out basement, there are lots of windows and my yoga room is adjacent. I've recently added a new TV so that I can watch Netflix while I'm stitching. My husband calls my studio the "woman cave" and I love my time there.

10. What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in the making of your art quilt for "An Exquisite Moment"?   Although an idea came to me fairly early, I struggled to find a way to translate the idea into an image that was not too literal or trite. Serendipity of fabric bits floating around my design wall and a luminous gray hand-dyed fabric provided a solution.
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