Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hanging Day at Festival in Long Beach

Greetings!  Jamie and I worked on banners to make use of an open wall in our exhibit space at the Long Beach quilt festival.  For two days prior to hanging the exhibition we worked in Jamie's studio stitching the already-fused pieces (by Jamie).  We had fun working together, as we always do.

Wednesday, July 31:  Our wonderful hanging crew met us at the Long Beach Convention Center
to hang "An Exquisite Moment".  The crew was amazing!  There was quite a "quest" for the proper length of hanging rods amongst the show supplies but we eventually pieced things together.  With the great eye for detail Judy and Indigo Perez helped us arrange, then re-arrange pieces so they looked fabulous together.  Everyone on the crew:  Peggy Calvert, Stacy Hurt, Sherri Kleinman, Jeannie Palmer Moore, and Indigo and Judy Coates Perez were awesome.

We examined the label I placed on the back of my quilt.
Check it out!

Here are some shots of the exhibit..

We even had a little "sword fight" with our pool noodles.

Lunch after the set-up at the Hyatt was fun!
Judy, Leslie, & Jamie

Jamie, Jeannie, and Peggy

Peggy, Sherri, and Stacy

How lucky are we to have these amazing women to help hang the 
Exquisite Moment exhibition?
Pretty lucky!

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