Thursday, July 17, 2014

Artist Profile: Stacy Hurt

Stacy Hurt
Orange, CA

1.  Describe your signature style in 5 words:   Graphic, complex; whole cloth; evocative.
2.  Do you ever work in another medium and, if so, what is it and what appeals to you about it? I’m constantly trying new things and take what I learn back to my fabric endeavors.
3.  What's coming up for you in your artistic world? This year I’m focusing on my lecture/workshops and making small experimental pieces.
4.  Do you have any studio rituals? I clean my studio after each project and have an actual ‘bucket’ that has ideas written down on it.  If I have time (between commissions) , I close my eyes, reach in and pick one!
5.  Who has inspired you on your artistic journey? All my fellow artists!  I may not be on their path but their insights are invaluable to me!
6.  What are the 5 essential things in your studio that you cannot live without? Rotary cutter and 26” ruler, Oliso Iron, Bohin Marking pencil; cup warmer.
7.  What is on your design table right now? Wicked challenge-Cherrywood fab, Commission art quilt, Ms. Stella O’Houligan’s CatNip quilt commissions.
8.  How do you juggle your artistic life, family, friends, etc?  Beer, Wine, and patience.  In that order 
9.  Do you have any studio companions (human or otherwise)? Occasionally one of my cats might join me but typically the studio is off limits.  It’s not safe for them.
10.  What was the biggest challenge in creating your piece for Reflections? Choosing the idea.

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