Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Artist Profile: Gerrie Congdon

Gerrie Congdon
Portland, Oregon

1. What kind of challenges did this theme present to you? It took me a bit of thinking. I decided that my line dancing series embodies the work that I most love to do: creating small motifs that are then fused together to create an art quilt.
2. Describe your studio space? I share a lovely space with my daughter, Lisa Congdon. She does fine art painting there twice a week. It is a large room with high ceilings, a wall of windows and a cool concrete floor. It was once a dairy building and this is the original floor. I have a print table and cutting table and storage units for my fabric and supplies.  I do my sewing and finishing at home in what I call the multi-purpose room. I have my sewing table, storage of some supplies, printers, computer and thermofax.

3. Where can people see your work in the next six months? I don’t currently have work that will be exhibited except for this piece.

4. Do you ever work in a series?  If so, what benefits or challenges does this present to you as an artist? I never thought that I worked in a series. At least I was not consciously working in a series. I took a class on Working in a Series with Kathleen Probst where I analyzed my work and was able to see that I actually have 3 - 4 series. The benefit of that was realizing that one of the series was more successful and made me happier. I think it helps to focus on what you do well.

5. What other activities do you engage in that “feed” your creative energy?  I love to go to art museums and galleries. Taking walks and photographing the world around me. Taking workshops. Just hanging out with other creative friends.

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