Thursday, August 17, 2017

Artist Profile: Judy Coates Perez

Judy Coates Perez
Sacramento, California

1. What kind of challenges did this theme present to you? None, I just thought about the types of imagery that inspire me and pulled out a photo from my iPhone that I loved.
2. Describe your studio space? Chaos? Its a large room off the back of my house with a 4’ x 8’ work table in the center and shelves around the sides that never have enough room given how many different types of supplies I keep on hand for teaching.
3. Where can people see your work in the next six months? I have a quilt traveling with the Threads of Resistance exhibit, other than that online on my website or my Facebook page or Instagram.
4. Do you ever work in a series?  If so, what benefits or challenges does this present to you as an artist? Not intentionally, but I suppose it happens at times.

5. What other activities do you engage in that “feed” your creative energy? I go to galleries and museums and see other types of art, I love spending times in nature or all kinds and am never with out my iPhone ready to photograph things that I see. My archive of photos are a great source of visual imagery for me to work from.

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